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Backpack Ministry


Many children in our area go hungry on the weekend because their families depend heavily on meals served at school. Davidson United Methodist Church works closely with local schools to identify these children, then anonymously pairs them with a volunteer/family who ensures their child's basic nutritional needs are met through the weekend.


Each week, volunteers provide easy to open, child-friendly foods, including: 
3 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches • 3-5 juice boxes, boxed milk, etc.• 3-5 healthy non-perishable snacks • 3-5 fruit/vegetable items • Anything extra they'd like to include (dessert items, special treats)


Volunteers drop their bags of food off at church weekly. The bags are then delivered to local schools and distributed to the students to take home. This program is anonymous and the school staff handles food distribution in a discreet manner.


While the majority of the expense is covered by the volunteers, this DUMC ministry does incur some costs. It provides the backpacks, which do have to be replaced as they wear out and whenever funds are available, they also include in each backpack a $5 Gift Card to a local grocery store  to provide fresh milk/ fruit over the weekend. Lastly, they put together "Emergency Backpacks," in case a family is unable to fulfill their commitment or a new child is identified and in immediate need.


DUMC Backpack Ministry is currently serving 96 families across 7 elementary schools.

We want our children to know that there is a great world out there beyond where we live. We want them to be empathetic, kind and caring. But most of all, we want them to know and love God, and to share His Generous Heart.


Recently we held a garage sale. Not only was it an opportunity to dejunk the house, but also for our girls to show their entrepreneurial and charitable spirit by busting out an old classic; the lemonade stand. They "manned" the station for about four hours, selling snacks, soda and lemonade to our sale-goers. They explained proceeds went to the Backpack Ministry (See Below) and customers were game to pay $1 each for these items, some even a little more. All told, they raised $104. 


We could not be prouder!

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